Drežnica and its surroundings

The Drežnica area lies at the foot of the western side of Mountain Krn, surrounded by continuous range of mountains and hills. In the area lay Drežnica, Drežniške Ravne, Magozd, Jezerca and Koseč hamlet. Sunny hills, once pastures and meadows, embrace villages and give the impression of calming warmth.

Streams descend from the mountains through number of waterfalls and water the land, which is still diligently farmed by the local people. Here you will be able to find spots to relax and rest as well as plenty of opportunities for sports activities and recreation.

Kozjak waterfall
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The area is an excellent starting point for hikers, mountaineers, paragliders and cyclists. There is also a range of interesting things for history lovers and lovers of ethnology to see as well.

The Drežnica and Ravne Carnival, where the unmarried boys participate, is one of the more known Carnivals in Slovenia. The Drežnica Carnival is a very old traditional Carnival of pagan origin. The wooden masks are carved out by the boys themselves thus passing the lively cultural heritage on from generation to generation.

Life in these places has never been easy and comfortable which reflects itself also in the local cuisine. Among numerous local dishes drežniški štruklji (rolled dumplings) is the dish that steps out and is well-known because of its various versions and various names in every surrounding village and town.

The Drežnica Goat is the only recognized autochthonous Slovenian goat breed. Together with the Bovec Sheep Breed they represent a majority of animal husbandry in the villages of Drežnica Area.

Koseč gorge
Muzej na prostem Zaprikraj, F Tamino Petelinšek1